FROM: Ronald D. Holmes
Pulse Asia Research, Inc.

Pulse Asia Research, Inc. is a non-partisan and non-profit organization run by academics from the most reputable academic institutions. We release our research results as part of our advocacy to share relevant findings with the public. Survey results that are publicly disseminated are from our own non-commissioned surveys. These results capture the disposition of the public on issues, and in the case of pre-election questions, their electoral preference. Across the last two decades, our pre-electoral survey results, particularly those done closest to election day or on election day itself (exit poll) were very close to actual election results. As an academic organization, we are open to a review of our survey technical details by other academics and those who truly know the difference between genuine and ‘bogus’ surveys. As for the impending petition of a senatorial candidate to stop the publication of survey results, we will review his petition and lodge our answer before the Comelec.