MORES’ Stand on Pulse Asia and SWS

MORES, the Marketing & Opinion Research Society of the Philippines, is the premier professional organization of marketing and opinion polling agencies, and market research practitioners in the Philippines. We have always resolved to uphold the highest professional standards in delivering the most precise and representative feedback and insights decision makers and stakeholders require for either making informed decisions or reflecting on prevailing public opinion.

MORES supports companies who deliver results with consistency and reliability. Companies such as SWS and Pulse Asia have shown its commitment to use scientific methods to provide public opinion representative of ANY population of interest.

Surveys nowadays cannot only be good. It has to be excellent. That is why we at MORES stand by the professional pollsters that have provided customers and the critical public a solid track record in delivering consistent and unbiased research, but also transparency and persistency in communicating these results in the best possible way.

We believe our stakeholders have gained a much better appreciation of the stakes behind public opinion not just on horse race predictions but on public issues as well.


On disinformation regarding our pre-election surveys

As a non-partisan, non-profit, non-stock organization of academics, Pulse Asia Research Inc. has consistently released to the public the results of our regular quarterly and the periodic pre-election surveys without fear or favor.1 The dissemination of survey results manifests the value our organization places on the people’s right to information. We likewise hope that in releasing our survey results, we could elicit feedback from fellow academics, comments that are important in improving our work in taking the public’s pulse. Read More

Can I trust polls?

Answers to your questions about opinion polls from the world’s leading polling experts and tips to help you judge their quality. Can you trust them, and how do they actually work? Read More


Socio-demographic distribution based on Pulse Asia Research Inc surveys–May 1999 to February 2022

To correct all the disinformation circulated by individuals and groups as regards our sampling methodology, kindly refer to the technical details of our surveys found on this page. In addition, we are also posting the projected share of socio-demographic groups of the total adult population based on every survey Pulse Asia has conducted from 1999. Finally, as regards the classification into socio-economic classes, this is only done after the random selection of the survey respondent. Pulse Asia Research Inc. does not employ quota sampling.

How Surveys Are Done?


How Pulse Asia conducts its surveys—we asked its president to walk us thru the process

Ronald Holmes, president of the public opinion polling body, says their foremost challenge is often how the political elite responds to the survey results. Read More